What are the 5 steps to baptism?

What are the 5 steps to baptism?

During the infant baptism ceremony:

  • the baby, parents and the godparents are welcomed.
  • there are readings from the Bible.
  • the parents and godparents take vows, renounce Satan and evil and profess their faith and the faith they want the baby to be brought up in.
  • the Apostles Creed might be said as a statement of faith.

What are the main steps of baptism?

Rite of Catholic Baptism: Ceremony Steps

  • Reception of the child.
  • Celebration of Gods word.
  • Celebration of the sacrament.
  • Explanatory rites.
  • Conclusion of the rite.

What are the 4 stages of baptism?

For the Christian community, baptism is one of the most important rites of passage, symbolizing an individuals acceptance of and belief in Jesus value system. Popularly, Christians administer baptism in one of three ways: immersion, aspersion or affusion

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