What does defensiveness say about a person?

What does defensiveness say about a person?

Generally, when people talk about someone becoming defensive in the context of a conversation, they are meaning that that someone is engaging in emotionally defensive maneuvers designed to ward off their having to experience some unwanted feeling or admit responsibility for some disowned act.

What is the root cause of defensiveness?

Summary: Research has shown that defensiveness in response to wrongdoing is exacerbated by making the wrong doer feel like theyre an outcast. Defensive behaviours are common responses when people feel personally attacked but can undermine our ability to identify problems and find solutions.

What emotion is defensiveness?

Defensiveness refers to both a feeling and a behavior. The feeling is typically elicited when you feel as though someone is being critical of you, and results in shame, sadness, and anger

How do you respond to defensiveness?

Here are several steps that can help you become more emotionally intelligent when dealing with defensive people:

  • Refrain from reacting defensively.
  • Shift your focus to the other person.
  • Ask questions until you understand them.
  • Move toward a resolution.
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