What is a DA form 348 E?

What is a DA form 348 E?

What Is DA Form 348? DA Form 348, Equipment Operator’s Qualification Record (Except Aircraft), is a form issued by the U.S. Department of the Army (DA) released on August 1, 2011, and employed to determine equipment operating qualifications and driving experience of a service member

How do I fill out a DA 348 1?

DA Form 348 Instructions Enter the permit number, which is the first letter of the last name and the last four digits of the SSN. If the permit number changed due to a name change, cross the old one out and fill the new one in. Finish the section by entering the type of permit and the date the license is effective.

Where can I find my DA form 348?

Typically the 348 is maintained by the motor pool. Odds are when you departed a unit you may have forgot to get it from the motor pool. You can check with your old motor pool otherwise you will have to take the test again, the 40 hour driving block, and be road-tested on all military vehicles. Hope that helps!

Can erasures correction fluid or correction tape be used on the DA form 348 or DA form 348 1?

How to fill out DA Form 348? All manual entries must be in black ink or typed unless otherwise stated. Use rubber stamps that fit within the space or block. Do not use erasures, correction fluid, and correction tape to make corrections

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