What is choose lead?

What is choose lead?

CHOOSE TO LEAD is focused on the development and enhancement of leadership skills and knowledge while providing students the chance to fulfill their leadership potential throughout their high school careers. CHOOSE TO LEAD is about Connection, Community and Citizenship.

Why do you choose to lead?

Some will say its to enhance their personal effectiveness, or that leading is an expected part of their professional development. Others may say that they lead because of a sense of leader identity, purpose, or personal obligation to serve their organization and the people with whom they work.

How do you get the right to lead?

The Right to Lead Can Only Be Earned

  • Let go of your ego. The truly great leaders are not in leadership for personal gain.
  • Become a good follower first.
  • Build positive relationships.
  • Work with excellence.
  • Rely on discipline, not emotion.
  • Make adding value your goal.
  • Give your power away.


Is desire to lead a leadership trait?

Confidence and a desire to lead Leaders have a strong desire to influence others. They demonstrate a willingness to take responsibility and possess the self-confidence required to convince their team of the rightness of goals and decisions.

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