What is the moral of Vivo?

What is the moral of Vivo?

The story teaches a lot of valuable lessons about never leaving something unspoken, allowing others to be themselves, and about not judging a book by its cover. Other than that, there is also a lot of nature references and important facts about the Everglades and its flora and fauna.

What kind of monkey is Vivo?


What does Marta say in Vivo?

Marta Sandoval: [writing a letter to Andrs] As I prepare for retirement, I have been flooded with memories of the beautiful music we once made together. I dont know if you can forgive my silence since we separated all those years ago. But nothing would mean more to me than for us to sing together again.

Who plays Vivo snake?

Miranda plays a kinkajou named Vivo who is on a perilous journey and comes across a giant snake named Lutador thats voiced by Rooker. They are joined in the cast by Juan de Marcos Gonzalez and Gloria Estefan.

What culture does Vivo represent?


What animal is Vivo supposed to be?

Vivo is not a monkey, but a kinkajou, which is not a primate but in the same family as raccoons. For the purposes of the Lin-Manuel Miranda-infused animated musical Vivo, hes very monkey-like and very cute.

Is the movie Vivo based on a true story?

Vivo (film)VivoBox office$1.3 million15 more rows

What is Vivo inspired by?

In animated film Vivo, Lin-Manuel Miranda draws on Cuban musics inspiration. Music and love are the exact same thing, says Miranda of the characters, who include the voices of Gloria Estefan and Buena Vista Social Club bandleader Juan de Marcos.

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